Poetry is technically not flash fiction. However, it is something of which I have become fond and enjoy offering to others. The forms of my poems vary, but I often return to haikus (5 - 7 - 5). The topics vary considerably. Many of my poems are untitled, but I will provide pictures for most to provide a view of my intentions.

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Winter's Free Poetry

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May each of us

Hold to strength

In our broken places



35 poems

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Photo found on Instagram @jdleigh

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Keep hate from your heart

And save yourself

A chance

For peace may then settle

In your soul

First Snow

Oh, what fun it is say

How much I enjoy a winter's day

Not so much the drive in snow

But rather how my spirits all aglow


As I take myself outside to stand

My eyes peering across the land

A scene of beauty I have forgot

White flakes falling on this spot


Our first snowstorm come at last

I do not dare allow it pass

More than a moment without me

Crunching my footsteps with glee


And because it never seems to stay

I embrace myself in snowy play

For winter, my favorite time of year,

Always gives my soul good cheer

Pendulum Moods.jpg

My soul wanders

Between dark and light

So much in fact

I give myself a fright


But to this pendulum

I must be true

Possessing either alone

Simply, I will not do