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Below are several flash fiction pieces for Michael R Kiel Fictions - Winter Flash Blog Battle. The first, Moonlight Prescription, is authored by me. You will notice several highlighted words. These were prompts provided by several authors participating in the battle. I accepted the increased challenge that they must be included in my story. The artwork below, specifically inspired by my story and the original photo prompt (found on my Instagram page and elsewhere in my blog), was created by Scott Thornburg. I have provided a link to his Instagram page in the photo itself and recommend checking out his other work!

The authors for the remaining flash fiction entries will be provided with each story. These then will be followed by a list of each of the flash fiction participants and their respective blog links. I politely ask you to not only read my flash fiction but the stories created by these other wonderful authors in this First Annual Winter Flash Blog Battle.

One final note. Please be respectful and know each story below is copyrighted to each individual author.

Now, to the battle!

Artwork by Scott Thornburg.

Moonlight Prescription


Michael R Kiel Fictions

It was serendipitous how my prison became void. When the girl walked into my life and smiled, a wonderful opportunity of escape presented itself.

I had been captured and imprisoned by an evil witch when I turned eight. She had kidnapped me from my family and thrown me into this cave. Every morning I awoke with a plate of stale bread and warm cheese. Every night, my belly empty, I gazed upon the moon, wondering what the outside world had become as I began to forget my own life.

Many times, I had tried to escape. Every attempt was thwarted as I fell against an invisible barrier. The echo of my moans and cries reverberated off the cave walls, reminding me of my doom.

One night, as the moon was gracious enough to wipe away my eternal darkness, I heard her voice.

"Hello there!" whispered the girl.

She stepped out of the mist and stood beneath the moon. I opened my mouth and tried to speak. My throat dry, I could only cough.

"It's no use," said the girl. "The cave makes you dumb."

Still choking, I fell to the floor and drank from a stream of water trickling into the cave. Meanwhile, the girl squatted and glanced at me with a frown.

"I'd like to help you."

I wiped my mouth with an arm and rested my vocal cords. I glared all around me, pulled at my tattered clothes, grunting at their stench, and nodded my acquiescence.

She stood, smiling, raising her arms wide.

"Well, my prescription is relatively straightforward. We must let out some light."

I raised my eyebrows, thinking I must have misheard her. Then, I blinked, dropping my jaw as a string fell and dangled from the moon in our direction.

At length, the girl noticed my mouth agape and winked. She grabbed the string and tugged at it. Despite my own haggard state of mind, I could not believe my own vision. The moon, now a balloon, began to deflate, diminishing in both size and light. Her feet floated off the cave floor, hovered a moment, and then returned to the rock.

Caught unaware, I grinned and giggled.

"Nice," said the girl. "Sounds as though we are almost there"

The moon, half its original size, fizzled one moment longer. Then, the girl tugged at the string one last time before releasing it. As she did, it vanished.

The celestial rock returned to its original form.

"How did you do that?" I asked and immediately pressed my hands over my mouth.

The girl laughed without judgment, shrugging with a modest shoulder.

"Simple magic, really," she said.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked.

She sighed.

"You needed my help."

I cringed and stepped one foot out of the cave entrance. I exhaled and took another few steps, stopping next to the girl, mesmerized.

I had been set free.

"Who are you?"

Her face darkened.

"I'm her daughter."


Artwork by @skip_closer on Instagram. Click photo for her page.



@claires.short.stories on Instagram

Have you ever looked at the moon and wondered who put it there? Have you ever seen the glory of the stars and felt like there was something more?

With feet planted firmly on rock, eyes tilted to Heaven, a little girl with golden curls wonders for the first time if maybe there’s something more. In her innocence and light, she can feel a connection to the cosmos like a string to a balloon, sometimes pulled tight, sometimes wrapped loose. Always leading to a feeling of light.


Way up above, where the stars shimmer bright, a figure looks on, dressed all in white. She watches her children and wishes them well through the stars in the sky. For the stars are her eyes, that she shows every night to remind those who are lonely that they’re never alone.

And the moon, well that’s special, for it’s her greatest gift. Her heart in the sky, glowing with sweet and soft love. She gives it to any and all who look up and ponder. The love of a Heavenly Mother.


Mother Moon


@acfullwood on Instagram

In the beginning there was nothing but moon and night.

Though the moon shone as bright as she could, her silver tendrils failed to touch the farthest reaches of the darkness. Every night the moon wept in solitude, her tears falling into the inky void below.

Check out the rest of her beautiful and poetic story at

Photo by @mindz.eye on Instagram. Click the photo for his page.



@craigrandallwriting on Instagram

I always find myself out here underneath these stars. Out here, away from all the clutter of honking horns, the people sprinting in front of you to get their coffee first because all those incremental blocks of thirty seconds add up through out the day. But here, time doesn’t even exist. It just stretches out until, once again, morning bleeds into the night, and the stars appear again. Then those traffic lights fade into nothing more than memories once more, distant and unimportant. Here, there is clarity, as pure as the softness of the fallen snow. Undisturbed by any steps, even mine, which I know will always be swept away by the gentle winds that are sure to come.


List of Flash Fiction Pieces and the associated Blogs

Here are the story titles. Please follow the links and give them each a read! And while you are at the site, poke around a little, leave a comment, give the stories a like. Help spread the support for these participants!

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Thank you for joining me for the winter flash blog battle. If you have not checked out the other participants, please do! And if you are interested, I will be having another blog battle in the spring. I will likely turn it into a true competition, including judges and rewards for the winners. Please stay tuned!

You can find and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Wattpad, and Medium with the writer handle @michaelrkielfictions. You can also now find and follow me on Instagram with the artist handle @michaelrkielcartoons. I have a dedicated page for my cartoon adventures. And if you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to share it with your friends, fellow writers, and readers on your social media platforms!

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