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Sudden Fiction stories are often defined as stories containing 100 to 750 words. As a flash fiction writer, I do attempt to limit excessive words with these stories, but with these stories, I allow myself more freedom for character and plot development than with microflash, especially six word stories.

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Wallpaper Inspiration


It was finally Sunday. Julie and her younger sister, Lisa, were supposed to tear down the ugly and ancient wallpaper in the attic today. Their parents had requested they work together on the project. Although it was no secret that Lisa had difficulty following any demand, she had eagerly accepted this request. The attic was going to be her new room.


Excited to begin, Lisa surprised her family and woke up early before anyone else. She flew to the attic, remaining in her pajamas, and began working at an incredible pace. After only forty-five minutes, one entire wall was nearly exposed. She reached to pull off the last piece of wallpaper but abruptly stopped.


“What’s this?” she asked out loud.


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The girl finished her work in the damp cellar and returned upstairs to her morning, carrying with her a candle, nearly burned down to the wick. She opened the door to the kitchen. It creaked. Shuffling thuds came from a distant room.


“I’ll be right there, ma!” cried the girl.


She went to the sink, turned the nob. The faucet rattled. A moment passed, and she thought nothing would come out. Then, the familiar sludge ran for a few seconds, followed by water, not exactly clear.


“Better than nothing,” she told herself out loud.


She grabbed a cup. She filled it with water, squeezed her eyes shut, and drank it without tasting the liquid.